A German Evergreen. During the Middle Ages, over a 1000 years ago, the “Franconian Bratwurst” was well known and liked. The good old knights ate them, or rather consumed masses of them with great pleasure.

Today Bratwurst is a well accepted delicacy worldwide.

To prepare, grill or fry. If frozen, defrost slowly at room temperature.  Preheat oven to 160’C and bake for 20 minutes.

German Bratwurst – Pork, herb flavor, with lots of rubbed Majoran. Medium texture, made from a unique
traditional handed down recipe.

Gypsey Bratwurst, (Merguez,or Zigeunerbratwurst) – pork, medium texture spicy taste.

Munich Weisswurst – pork. This is one of the traditional Bavarian specialities. In the old days this sausage
was not allowed to hear the midday church bell ringing, it had to be eaten before noon the same day (no fridges
in those days). Fine texture with a slight lemon parsley flavor. To prepare make small incisions on the top to prevent bursting.


Nurenburger Bratwurst. Smaller Bratwurst.