About 24 years ago I began a hobby which was inspired by the desire to know what was really in a sausage and how to make them myself from only the very best ingredients. As the Universe conspired to meet my request, I met an old German man who was a trained Meat Master. He was committed to doing things in the old traditional ways and he was willing to share his knowledge with me. A few months later he died and bequeathed me his recipes. In his honour I began to produce my first sausages. It did not take long before my friends and friends of friends wanted to try them too.

I then met an Austrian Fleishmeister, Robert Wiegele, who at the time worked as the factory manager at Seeman’s in Randburg, Johannesburg. Robert taught me almost all I know and he continues to be my teacher to this day.

In 1996, when we moved from Johannesburg to our farm in Mooi River in the Natal Midlands, I made a successful small business from that hobby. Five years ago we moved from the Midlands to Stanford in the Western Cape, and I continue to enjoy offering my services and products to a wide range of clients.

The principle that I base my business credo on is to make the best sausages and meat products possible, products which I am proud to eat myself and to share with my friends and clients. I take pride in producing the finest Austrian/German sausages and a wide variety of other delicatessen.

Only the best, selected cuts of locally bred pork and pasture fed beef, together with imported spices, are used.
No artificial colourings, synthetic ingredients, nor any meat substitutes are added. All products are Paleo and Banting compliant.

Please take a look at the Sausageology page on the website for more information about the meat products I make and their preparation process.